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Real Wood Vs. Engineered Wood Flooring

Posted by: Admin
11 December, 2012

The kind of flooring that is chosen to be installed in a house has a direct effect on the final appearance of the place. Depending upon what kind of a look/feel you want for your décor, there are many options available. âReal Wood Vs. Engineered Wood Flooringâ is the topic of a hot debate raging between house owners. Both of these flooring solutions have their strong points, so the end decision is up to the buyer to decide.

1. Real Wood Vs. Engineered Wood Flooring - The Basic Difference
Solid Real Wood Flooring, as the name indicates, is a solid block of wood. As opposed to this, in Engineered Wood Flooring only the top layer is solid wood. Engineered Wood Floors comprise of multiple layers, where only the topmost one is hardwood while plywood is used to make up the rest of the layers. These multiple layers are either pressed, or glued together.

2. Real Wood Vs. Engineered Wood Flooring - The Buyerâs Taste
There are many people who consider Solid Wood Flooring to be the best choice. The reason being the classic look it provides to the house. Real Wood Flooring is for your home, if you have a vintage taste & want your home to have an old world charm. Saying this, it would be only fair to mention that Hard Wood Flooring does not come cheap. Compared to it, Engineered Wood Flooring is a more economical choice.

3. Real Wood Vs. Engineered Wood Flooring - A Durable Choice?
Though Solid Hard Wood Floors last for a long time, sometimes for more than a couple of decades, but there are a lot of restrictions to be considered when laying down Real Wood Floors.
Hardwood floors are not suitable for installation in areas, like the basement, which are prone to moisture, as they decompose very quickly. Engineered Wood Flooring is a perfect alternative in such cases as it can handle moisture much more effectively. Also, Engineered Wood Flooring can handle much more abuse (in case there are kids & pets in the house) & can be installed in high traffic areas like the main hall, without any worry.

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